Are You Beating the Market This Year?

In spite of the 2-week market correction, which began in late January and appears to have bottomed in early February, the S&P is just 5% away from its all-time highs. In fact, all of the major indexes are trading near their all-time highs. And with that, there are plenty of investors handily beating the market. So why are so many other...

3 Undervalued Zacks Rank #1 Stocks

Many investors completely freaked out during the correction, but those who are familiar with the Zacks Rank were licking their chops. What was the biggest frustration when the market was soaring? It was that the “easy money” had been made and stocks couldn’t go much higher. Well, the correction took care of that. The market volatility can also be a...

Nucleus plans Q2 float – reports; Transact lists on LSE

Nucleus Financial is understood to be the third platform company this year seeking to float, according to reports, while Transact has floated on the London Stock Exchange today.

Stocks Won’t Test the Correction Lows

This is a bold prediction. But I make it with about 70% certainty (thus a less than 1-in-3 chance we do touch the correction lows). And it's based on a sober analysis of the fundamentals.First, let's look at the economy. Wednesday's second read on Q4 GDP was revised down a tenth 2.5%. But the largest positive contribution to the...

New SJP CEO unveils group plans after record year

St. James's Place new chief executive Andrew Croft has said he is confident the wealth management network will achieve 15%-20% annual growth in gross inflows over the medium-term, as it reports record inflows for 2017.

Wellian’s Philbin: The future of asset management

When you are thinking about the future of this wonderful industry of ours and having the ability (albeit in article form) to consider the future of it, the initial thoughts are "I'll create a wish list".

Revealed: Advisers’ favourite business development managers 2017/18

Advisers' business development manager (BDM) preferences have been revealed for a third year, following publication of the 2017/18 study on the area by financial services recruiter BWD.

Bull Train Has Left the Station

Last week, many market players were still quoting that tired, useless, fence-sitting aphorism "we're not out of the woods yet."Here's what I wrote in Best Charts of the Bounce...When market players were unsettled and pretty emotional during the "flash correction" of early February, many sold stocks and waited for signs of the all-clear.Unfortunately, Mr. Market doesn't give you a...

Recession is Coming! Not

The big headline this week for market players was from the chief of the biggest hedge fund in the world, Ray Dalio of Bridgewater, which has AUM (assets under management) north of $150 billion. From Reuters...Head of world's largest hedge fund says U.S. in a 'pre-bubble phase' with a 70% chance of recession"I think we are in a pre-bubble...

Airlines for America boss: EU unity on Brexit could change nearer deadline

The EU’s current unity in Brexit negotiations is likely to split the nearer it comes to deal-making time. Sharelines “In the EU, a lot of airports can’t handle the 140 flights . They’re too full… and the slots aren’t there.” That was the view of Airlines for America president and chief executive Nicholas Calio, speaking at the AOA conference. He said one...