Local creative talents invited to utilize Jakarta Creative Hub

Local creative talents invited to utilize Jakarta Creative Hub


Young creative businesses can now utilize machines, such as 3D printers as well as woodworking, sewing and fashion sizing machines, at a lower price at the newly opened Jakarta Creative Hub.

The co-working space can be found on the first floor of Graha Niaga building in Melati reservoir area, Tanah Abang, near the Thamrin City and Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall in Central Jakarta.

Veronica Tan, head of the Indonesian Handicrafts Council (Dekranasda), said that the space was designed for young creative businesspeople who could not yet afford to rent such a facility or working space on their own.

–[Dekranasda] has been focusing on providing training for creative talents. Following the recent Jakarta Fashion Week [JFW] event, we thought [to ourselves], why don’t we provide the facilities needed by young people?– she said.

Veronica was previously asked by JFW organizers if she could provide sizing machines as there are many young designers who cannot afford them.

Residents who have Jakarta identification cards may apply to use the space. The management will then select users who they consider to be creative and genuinely wishing to create businesses, particularly in the fashion industry. Those selected will be able to utilize classrooms, co-offices, a co-working space and workshop areas available at the hub. They may also register their business using the Jakarta Creative Hub address, attend regular training sessions and consult with instructors from Indoestri makerspace.

During the opening, Jakarta Governor Basuki –Ahok– Tjahaja Purnama said the city administration would provide subsidies for businesses that had managed to attract customers. –There is no set of limit on the amount [of the subsidy]; it depends on how many orders they are getting,– he said, adding that subsidy receivers would only be required to return 20 percent of their income, which will later be used to manage the space.

Ahok also said that the administration planned to open a similar facility on Jl. Dr. Satrio in Kuningan, South Jakarta, to develop software and application businesses.

Users of Jakarta Creative Hub will be reviewed regularly. Businesses that fail to make progress, as well as successful ones may be asked to leave in order to give space for new startups to grow.

The space management is currently reviewing the terms and conditions of the site’s usage and membership. In the meantime, it is open for training sessions and sightseeing. (kes)